A teenage boy must find the strength to face the gravity of his mother’s illness, despite fear, doubt, and an overbearing father.


Release Date: 2018
Genre: Drama
NSE Productions
Producer: Karen Simon

Director: David Traub

Screenplay by: Christian Brinsden
Director of Photography: Tiago Melo
Editor: Ana G. Fernandez Walean
Main Cast
Samuel Seabrook as “Daniel”
Adrian Relph as “Winston”
Denisa Dumitrescu as “Emma”
Bim Oniwinde as “Dr Blake”
1st AD: Carlotta Beck Peccoz
2nd AD: Michele Vicenti
3rd AD: Maria Maida
Script Supervisor: Elin Martinsen
Script Supervisor: Ella Robertson
1st AC: Cristina Lozano
2nd AC: Josien Van Oostveen
2nd AC: Léa Aubign
Gaffer: Vianney Kernanet-Huggins
Spark: Elena Nassati
Sound Recordist: Andrea Calaprice
Production Design: Mikolaj Wasowski
Production Design: Karen Simon
Make-Up Artist: Nadja Scalzi
Make-Up Assistant: Bethany Rodriguez
Assistant Editor: Michele Vicenti
Unit Stills Photographer: Christian Sørup Jensen
Location Manager: Sarah Saifi
Transportation: Christian Sørup Jensen
Runner: Seif El Kashef
Security: Salah Jama

Director’s Statement

I’ve seen a lot of films talk about death, but I’ve seen very few that are completely honest about it, and I’ve never seen it on-screen the way I’ve seen it in real life. We have such a rare opportunity here to tell a story that has the power to touch everyone, because it is about something that affects us all.

Like it or not, whether we want to talk about it or not, we are all afraid of death. And we are often even more afraid that it will come for the ones we love than for us. We’re afraid of suffering. We don’t want our parents, children, brothers and sisters to suffer. And we all would fight tooth and nail to protect them.

UNCONDITIONAL is a story about that fight, about that fear, about that impending grief.

— David Traub, December 2017


Dedicated to:
The Miller family
Renee Gordon
Vivian Belarmino Simon


We’d like to extend a massive THANK YOU to all the following who supported the making of this short film:

MetFilm School, London, UK
MFS Production Facilities Centre, London, UK
University of West London, UK
NeoMed, Cape Town, South Africa

Saidah Aboudi
Hazim Alaeddin
Maya Alaeddin
Celine Simon Alaeddin
Ayrton Allen
Nikita Batlis
Caryl Blomkamp
Caralyn de Cambra
Coletta Canale
Mads Casey
Thembisa Cochrane
Nica Cornell
Sarah Devaney
Gurvir Dhillon
Yura Duzhnikov
Michael Finger
Mathieu Folliot
Linda Givon
Jonas Grimås
Fermin Serena Hortas
Henry Howe
Duna Irshaid
Luke James
Ida Kinch
Dylan Kron
Gillian Litvin
Pamela McCombs
Robert Miller
Lee Miller
Jonny Persey
Steve Pinhay
Laura Sharpe
Simon Shore
Jean-Pierre Simon
Benjamin Traub
Leonard Traub
Phillip Traub
Sarah Yule